Stable Diffusion Kanker Sisters - Ed, Edd n Eddy (Lee,Marie,May)

Model NameLeeKanker-10_84355
LeeK, curly orange hair, freckles, hair over both eyes:1.2, standing, cowboy shot, hands on hips, smug expression, solo, covered eyes, LeeATT, denim pants, white shoes, earrings, polka dot shirt, belt , white shirt, picket fence,morning cartoon, (insanely detailed, beautiful detailed face, masterpiece, detailed eyes, best quality) <lora:LeeKanker:0.8>
Negative Prompt
bad anatomy,bad hands,cropped,long neck,poorly drawn face,poorly drawn hands,missing limb,out of focus,monochrome,symbol,text,logo,((bar censor)),lowres,bad anatomy,bad hands,censored,signature,(worst quality, low quality:1.3),(depth of field, blurry:1.2),(greyscale, monochrome:1.1),3D face,cropped,lowres,text,jpeg artifacts,signature,watermark,username,blurry,artist name,trademark,watermark,title,multiple view,Reference sheet,patreon logo,patreon username,negative_hand-neg, trees, mountains,anime, loli, ((eyes,))
Cfg Scale6
SizeW: 512 / H: 768