Stable Diffusion Fionna The Human (Adventure Time)

Model NameFionna_advtime_v1_10epo_58761
((masterpiece)), (best quality:1.7), (detailed:1.4), (high res:1.4), 8k, (colorful:1.5), 2d, high resolution, sharped image, 4k, hd, fionna_advtime, 1girl, (((solo))), blonde hair, blue eyes, medium hair, rabbit hood, white thighhighs, large breasts, cowboy shot, hoodie, treadmill shoes, shirt, field, cleavage, grass, clouds, sky, trees, hair between eyes, white bottom, focus on character, on all frame, <lora:fionna_Advtime:0.6>, <lora:thickerLinesanimeStyle:0.6>
Negative Prompt
((low quality, worst quality:1.4)),(monochrome:1.1), loli, child, bad-artist, badhandv4, easynegative, worst pose, more leg, poorly leg, mutated nipple, missing nipple, deformed pose, 4leg, (deformed:1.8),(malformed hands:1.4),(poorly drawn hands:1.4),(mutated fingers:1.4),(bad anatomy:1.5), (extra leg:1.9), (extra limbs:1.35),(poorly drawn face:1.4),(signature:1.2),(artist name:1.2),(watermark:1.2), missing eye, ((long body part)), weird pose, (mutated body), out of frame head, blur object, blur, lowres, low resolution, bad-hands-5, easynegative, blurred image, multiple legs, multiple arms, deformed fingers, jacket, artifacts, ((pink hair)), ((multiple moons)), (((sleeves)))
Cfg Scale11
SizeW: 432 / H: 600