werewolf crying

A wolf From Battle with scars

A wolf From Battle with scars
A wolf From Battle with scars
art fantasy barbarian werewolf wolf with harpoon cold ice hole walruses fir trees forest log icicles wolf tracks in the snow birds fly in the sky day and black tops of Christmas trees in the white sky
art fantasy wolfsheep
a world of darkness werewolf in bloodborne, digital painting, fan art, pixiv, by { ilya Kuvshinov| katsuhiro Otomo| magali villeneuve| artgerm| jeremy lipkin| michael garmash| rob rey| frank frazetta| wayne reynolds| takashi okazaki| justin sweet| caravaggio| Georges de La Tour| Ingres| brom } tenebrism; facial poses by Cara Delevingne, body poses by Cara Delevingne, high fashion, trending fashion, dynamic high fashion pose, fashion by {Alexander McQueen|Karl Lagerfeld| John Galliano}