! What Does Stable Diffusion API Bring to live streaming, gaming, and B-end icon design?

Live streaming industry and gaming industry are highly competitive!

To retain users, a lot of effort has been put into the visual design of applications, which has led to a high demand for icon creation. Visual designers often face significant pressure to conceptualize icon shapes, colors, lighting, and other factors in a short amount of time.

If you are a developer, you can directly develop an application that generates infinite 3D icons based on'sopen in new window Stable Diffusion API to solve the pain point of designers who have tight schedules and heavy workloads.

Live streaming icons

The live streaming industry is still booming, and watching and rewarding have become important parts of live streaming. Different icons during rewards can attract users' attention and become an important factor affecting the amount of rewards. Below are four sets of dreamy girl series icons generated by in Nintendo style, but this may be more suitable for C-end gift interaction.

API Usecase: Txt2img, (SDXL), Lora, Refiner, Remove_background, Replace_background, Relight API API API API

Game icons

Today, whether you open a Windows or Mac system, whether it is on a laptop, desktop computer or mobile device, colorful application icons are affecting users' mood every moment.

Games are an art of audio-visual language. There is a lot to learn about scene, character, and prop design in games. By observing some popular games, it can also be found that only by organically integrating scenes with aesthetics can it be loved by players. The following game icons are all generated using, which I believe will greatly enrich your gaming experience.

API Usecase: Txt2img, (SDXL), Lora, Refiner, Remove_background, Replace_background, Relight API API API API

B-end icons

Icons have always been a difficult bone to chew on. A set of excellent B-end icon designs can also help maintain a consistent product experience for users on various platforms. However, now can be applied to actual B-end UI design, and it only takes a few minutes to show off some pretty good quality icons. You can also change a small part of the main text to produce a group of icons with the same style, get easy-to-use graphic tools.

API Usecase: Txt2img, (SDXL), Lora, Refiner, Remove_background, Replace_background, Relight, Inpainting API API API API

The widespread use of 3D icons has created many business opportunities. Can we use the Stable Diffusion API of to develop an application that adapts to multiple scenarios? Welcome to our Discord to explore business ideas together.

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