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Why is pixel art so popular all over the internet? "Pixel art" can be traced back to ancient Greece, where mosaic was used by the Greeks to depict the gods in public places. The Romans used mosaic to decorate rooms and palaces, while Christians used mosaic for storytelling and preaching. However, pixel art truly became a popular style thanks to the popularity of video games.

Pixels are the basic units of digital images. In the early days of computers, limited memory, single colors, low resolutions, and the inability to display a lot of information led game developers to use a limited number of pixels to create images in order to optimize performance and ensure smooth gameplay.

Especially on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), with the release of classics like "Contra" and "Super Mario Bros.", pixel art emerged in computer and gaming culture and became a global phenomenon, subsequently influencing artists, designers, illustrators, and even architects in their creative works.

However, traditional pixel art creation processes are extremely time-consuming, with a seemingly simple pixel art piece taking several hours to complete. But what do we do when we need it urgently? Today, we will showcase animal, character, landscape, and game scene pixel art created using the APIopen in new window based on Stable Diffusion.

Animal Category

The API based on Stable Diffusion allows AI to create stunning animal images in pixel art style. By inputting the original image into the API, the API can transform it into a pixelated version, highlighting the contours and details of the animals.

For example, using the API, a photo of a panda can be transformed into a pixelated image, emphasizing its fur color and contour lines to create a unique artistic effect.

API Usecase :Txt2img, (SDXL), Refiner, (Lora) API API API API

Character Category

In addition to documenting life and landscapes, pixel art can also be combined with other styles such as 2.5D illustrations, UI icon design, and portrait illustrations. The API's creations in character images can be used for cartoon characters, personal avatars, or art exhibitions to showcase our unique style.

API Usecase :Txt2img, (SDXL), Refiner, (Lora) API API API API

Landscape Category

Pixel art has evolved into an independent digital art style. In terms of creating landscape pixel art, the API can transform a photo of a beach sunset into a pixelated artwork by emphasizing the lines and colors of the scenery, highlighting the shape of the sun and the lighting effects of the environment, creating a unique visual experience.

API Usecase :Txt2img, (SDXL), Refiner, (Lora) API API API API

Game Scene Category

Let's take a look at applying pixel art to game scene creations. By inputting the original game scene image, it can be transformed into a pixel art-style game background, enhancing the visual appeal of the game.

For example, the API can transform a photo of a real-world city into a pixelated game scene, highlighting the outline and colors of the buildings, adding a unique artistic style to the game.

API Usecase :Txt2img, (SDXL), Refiner, (Lora) API API API API

Pixel art is widely used in various industries, settings, and demographics, whether it's games, animations, or advertising design. With its highly abstract representation of images, pixel art delivers information in a more direct and powerful way.

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