Skip to main content! What Does Stable Diffusion API Bring to the Table for Flat and Outlined Illustration Design?! What Does Stable Diffusion API Bring to the Table for Flat and Outlined Illustration Design?

The combination of illustration and graphic design has become a very popular design trend in recent years. We often see major companies like Nike, Apple, Tencent, and Google incorporating illustrations into their brand's visual designs for promotional purposes. This approach creates higher commercial value, and AI illustrations have inherent advantages in this regard!

  1. In terms of color composition, graphic composition, and three-dimensional composition, providing reference materials for illustrators.
  2. Based on the artist's creativity, AI can generate a large number of effect images in just a few minutes, saving time for illustrators.
  3. Even by feeding line drafts to AI, it can generate directly usable effect images.

Today, we will showcase flat illustrations and outlined illustrations created using the Stable Diffusion API of novita.aiopen in new window.

Flat Illustrations

Flat illustrations are a simple, intuitive, and modern design style that emphasizes simplification and the removal of unnecessary decorative elements. By eliminating complex image elements and shadow effects, the interface becomes cleaner and more intuitive. With the painting tools developed using the, designers can add unique textures, gradients, or other visual effects to enhance the appeal and expressiveness of flat illustrations.

API Usecase: Txt2img, (SDXL), Refiner API API

The AI painting tool supports adjusting the saturation, brightness, and contrast of colors to achieve more personalized color effects. Additionally, combined with the technical advantages of the, it can provide users with a richer and more creative interface experience, pushing flat illustrations to new heights.

API Usecase: Txt2img, (SDXL), Refiner, Img2img API API

Outlined Illustrations

Outlined illustrations are an art style that primarily uses lines as the main element. It typically employs simple and clear lines to outline the contours of objects. When designing outlined illustrations using the, one can convey information and emotions in a concise yet powerful manner by adjusting line expressions and utilizing contrasting colors.

API Usecase: Txt2img, (SDXL), Refiner, Doodle API API

Outlined illustrations often use simple and bold line styles. The AI painting tools developed by offer line style options suitable for designs. This allows adding unique styles and personalities to work while effectively conveying information and resonating with the audience.

API Usecase: Txt2img, (SDXL), Refiner, Doodle API API

The widespread application of illustrations has created many business opportunities. Is there an application tailored to the workflow of illustrators? Feel free to join Discordopen in new window to discuss and explore business ideas.

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