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Good news for merchants! E-commerce professionals no longer need to worry about the cost of models and product images! With the AI image generation tool built on Stable Diffusion novita.aiopen in new window API, it's really powerful.

The entire process of creating a complete set of e-commerce brand promotional images, including five main steps: scene building and real-life outdoor shooting, model photography, product photography and modeling, post-production retouching, and design production, is labor-intensive and takes at least two weeks to complete. If you hire a photographer to take basic indoor e-commerce pictures, it can cost you a minimum of $800 and up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Now, simple and easy-to-use AI tools have realized high-frequency output of various types of model pictures, product pictures, and poster pictures, solving the problem of high costs for models, scene lighting, post-processing, etc. in e-commerce scenarios, reducing cost expenditures and increasing efficiency!

In this article, let's take a look at three cases: model dressing, posters, and product picture design. We will explore the application of AI painting tools in e-commerce design together.

1. Model dressing

Currently, supply shocks, demand contraction, and weakening expectations have become common challenges faced by the global economy. Cross-border e-commerce brings new certainty to brand globalization and the layout of global markets but also brings challenges.

For example, in a multilingual, multi-time zone, and multi-aesthetic scene, promotion costs will increase exponentially. In terms of advertising, cross-border e-commerce facing multiple national users often requires hiring models from multiple countries to create marketing images and plans that are targeted at different countries. Combining customer portraits and conducting separate shooting and post-production retouching makes generating marketing materials more expensive and time-consuming.

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2. Product design picture

If you are an e-commerce designer, it's really a lifesaver! After understanding the style and scene that the product wants to achieve, you can use AI to do scene backgrounds, lighting effects, and composition elements quickly to create an image that can be later synthesized.

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3. Poster design

In addition to model pictures and product pictures, there is also a relatively large demand for e-commerce poster design. Most people will use AI to generate some concept maps and references but it is also applicable in the field of e-commerce work. You can use API based on Stable Diffusion to create the required auxiliary elements and then use PS for typesetting.

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The potential for AI applications in the e-commerce field is infinite. It has high frequency and large demand characteristics which make it a good commercial landing scenario. If you were a developer, what kind of application would you develop based on Stable Diffusion novita.aiopen in new window API? Welcome to our Discordopen in new window, let's discuss business ideas together., hundreds of fast and cheap AI image generation APIs for 10000+ models 🎯 Fastest generation in just 2s, Pay-As-You-Go, a minimum of $0.0015 for each image, you can add your own models and avoid GPU maintenance.

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