! Using Stable Diffusion API In Design industry: Interior Design, Environmental art, Architectural Design.

AI has brought new ideas and methods to the design industry, whether it's interior, environmental art, or architectural design. Using the Stable Diffusion API of novita.aiopen in new window, we have developed an application that can quickly generate multiple high-quality design concept proposals through deep learning and pattern recognition of architectural data. These proposals not only consider aesthetics and innovation in spatial design but also prioritize functionality and ergonomic comfort.

Interior Design

Traditional interior design methods require designers to hand-draw sketches and models, which can be time-consuming and physically demanding.

But now, there's no need to laboriously sketch anymore! With's drawing tool, designs can be easily completed within 10 seconds. By selecting and combining design elements, it quickly generates solutions that meet specifications, eliminating tedious steps and details to improve design efficiency and accuracy. This tool lightens the burden on designers while visually showcasing design ideas and concepts.

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Environmental Art Design

In addition to interior design, the process of generating environment and design renderings becomes effortless with the tools developed using the Stable Diffusion API of Designers only need to provide basic design requirements and parameters such as dimensions, functional needs, and style preferences. The AI can automatically adjust room layouts and proportions, offer various choices and creative ideas based on different styles and materials, and quickly generate exquisite environment and design renderings.

API Usecase: Txt2img, Img2img, Inpainting API API

Architectural Design

With the Stable Diffusion API of, you can develop an online AI drawing website for architectural design! Generate design reference images based on text descriptions to provide inspiration. Sketches can be transformed into rendered images with just one click.

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Even hand-drawn sketches can be easily transformed! API

If you’re a developer interested in applying commercial ideas in interior design, environmental art, and architectural design using the Stable Diffusion API of novita.aiopen in new window, feel free to join our Discord community to discuss and explore these ideas.

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